Drain Gauge

Monitor Groundwater Leaching, Drainage and Recharge

Use the Drain Gauge to determine the volume of water and chemicals draining from the vadose zone into groundwater. Once installed, water samples are easily collected through the surface port for analysis of chemicals, fertilizers, and other contaminants. The Drain Gauge is constructed from inert materials and will not react with compounds collected in the sample reservoir.

Accurately Measure Drainage

One challenge with lysimeter measurements is that water can flow around receptacles buried in the ground. To correct for this, our Drain Gauge uses an ingenious duct and wick design to keep soil tension in the soil column similar to that of the natural soil at the installation site.

Customise Your Drain Gauge

Choose from a stainless steel or PVC divergence tube. Stainless steel is recommended for taking an intact soil monolith, but is not recommended for heavy metal testing.

For most applications we recommend using the additional Drain Gauge Sensor to measure conductivity, temperature, depth, and to help determine when to empty the sample reservoir. For installation sites that are remote or have high drainage rates, we recommend using the AutoPump to take samples or empty the reservoir automatically. The sensor and AutoPump can be easily integrated with pre-installed units and are ideal for use with a cellular data logger.

Total Length: 147 cm
DCT Length: 63.5 cm
DCT Diameter: 25.4 cm
Reservoir Length: 81.3 cm
Reservoir (outside) Diameter: 11.5 cm
Mass: 20 kg with Stainless Steel DCT, 14 kg with PVC DCT
Solution Collection Capacity: 3.1 L (6.1 cm of drainage) to bottom of wick.  Additional 5.1 L (10 cm of drainage) of reserve capacity in wick chamber
Solution Collection Surface Area: 507 cm2 (25.4 cm inside diameter)
Suction at Intake: 110 cm (11 kPa)
Warranty: 1 year

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Labcell Limited exclusively supply and support METER products in the UK & Ireland.

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  • Replace your sensor easily without having to dig up the entire drain gauge.
  • Completely sealed system protects from high water tables
  • Larger sampling volume allows for more accurate analysis.
  • Integrated EC sensor allows you to monitor when solute fluxes occur.


  • No overflow port so water must be sampled periodically
  • Stainless Steel DCT not suitable for heavy metals

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