SRS - Spectral Reflectance Sensor

Continuously monitor NDVI

*At METER, we think you should spend less time on complexity and more time doing what matters.* *Apogee NDVI asensors are easy-to-use.* And the best part? They're pre-configured for use with the ZENTRA system, so you're instantly up and running.

Low cost-low maintenance

By focusing on just two relevant bands, it's possible to make an accurate multiband radiometer for a fraction of what a full-spectrum spectroradiometer costs. Apogee NDVI/PRI sensors are multiband radiometers that combine an ultra-rugged form with sophisticated cloud data delivery for an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio. They're inexpensive enough to deploy multiple sensors simultaneously, so you can maximize spatial coverage and explore spatial and temporal variability in canopy structure and function.

Deploy for months or even years

Most spectrometers are delicate and expensive, making long-term field deployment risky. Apogee NDVI and PRI sensors are built for long-term exposure to the elements. Encased in a durable housing with an epoxy fill, they are watertight, weatherproof, and have fully sealed optics.

Mount them on a fence post, tripod, or a meteorological tower. They're rugged enough to leave in the field for an entire growing season or longer.

Field ready and radiometrically calibrated

Each sensor is radiometrically calibrated to a NIST-traceable standard.  Readings are output in units of radiant flux density. Calibration information is stored on board the sensor, so you never have to worry about keeping track of calibration coefficients.

Collect data and monitor remotely

To simplify your workflow, Apogee NDVI sensors are plug-and-play with the ZL6 Data-logger, which means automatic sensor recognition and zero programming. ZENTRA Cloud lets you monitor remote sites in near-real time from any internet-connected device. Observe field conditions, check and configure sensor and system function, or download data from the comfort of your home or office.

Work less. Measure more.

Apogee NDVI sensors are part of a complete system of affordable, easy-to-use sensors, loggers, and software that require little maintenance and put near-real-time data at your fingertips, so you can publish more and work less.

NDVI Wavelength ranges: Red detector = 650 nm ± 5 nm with 65 nm FWHM
NIR detector = 810 nm ± 5 nm with 65 nm FWHM
Calibration: Custom for each sensor
and stored in firmware
Calibration Uncertanty: 5%
IP Rating:
Dimensions: 30.5 mm diameter, 34.5 mm height
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 70°C
Cable Length: 5m standard 10m available on request
Connector types: 3.5 mm (stereo) plug
Communication SDI-12 digital sensor
Data Logger Compatibilty METER EM60 series, ZL6
series, ZSC, ProCheck, Campbell Scientific

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Rugged Radiometer Measures NDVI

  • Measure NDVI vegetation indices at the plot or plant stand scale

  • Non-destructive sampling of canopy greenup, senescence and plant stress

  • Collect vegetation index data unattended for days, months or years

  • Improve crop growth models with spatially explicit data

  • Monitor data remotely from office or phone

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