ZL6 Basic

Back to basics data logger

Our customers love our flagship ZL6 data logger paired with ZENTRA Cloud for easy, full-time access to near-real-time data from anywhere in the world. But if cost is more important than convenience, and you need an ultra-robust, entry-level data logger that is easy to set up and practically maintenance free, you'll love the ZL6 Basic-a powerful, all-in-one solution that's as effortless to set up as it is to use.

Low cost-high performance

The ZL6 Basic is a no-frills, self-contained data logger built to power, read, and log data from six plug and play sensors, which means no programming is necessary. With the ZL6 Basic data logger, you download data via Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone where it can be uploaded to the cloud. Or you can download data via USB. It works best for researchers who have no cell coverage or don't need continuous data visualization.

Uncomplicated. Almost unbreakable

We engineered the ZL6 Basic data logger to be extremely robust and low maintenance, so you can almost forget about your data logger completely. It's powered by six alkaline batteries that last up to two years (1 year with ATMOS 41). An IP56-rated enclosure designed for shedding rain makes sure water doesn't get in. And we've added fully round clasps and hinges that won't break. Cable-free Bluetooth connect makes bringing your computer to the field an unhappy memory. Add on an optional cable security kit to ensure sensor cables don't get yanked out.

Plug sensors in and walk away

The ZL6 Basic data logger requires little setup. Just plug sensors in and the logger starts storing hourly averages of sensor readings. Bluetooth makes it easy to check the settings ensuring everything is just right. It connects up to six METER sensors, so you can monitor different parameters, such as weather, soil moisture, and soil water potential, all at the same time, giving you deeper insight.

Data-there when you need it

User-driven data storage on the cloud allows you to share data with everyone on the project. No more trying to chase down the person who downloaded the data on an unknown hard drive. For automatic data transfer to the cloud, use the ZL6 data logger.

A powerful workhorse that doesn't quit

With the ZL6 Basic, you and your team can focus on data. Not distractions. Low-cost, robust, simple to set up, and easy-to-use, the ZL6 Basic data logger is a dependable workhorse that delivers year after year. It provides the critical data you need to understand the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum, so you'll never miss an important insight.

Input ports
6 (supports METER analog, digital, or pulse sensors)
Port type 3.5 mm stereo plug connector
Logging interval 60 minutes
Data storage 2 MB (20,000 to 30,000 records depending on configuration)
Memory type Non-volatile flash, full data retention with loss of power
Battery life
3-24 months depending on configuration
PC communication Standard USB cable, USB A to micro-B
Enclosure dimensions 14.9 cm × 25 cm × 6.3 cm (5.9 in × 9.9 in × 2.5 in)

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Labcell Limited exclusively supply and support METER products in the UK & Ireland.

Non UK/Ireland Customers, please contact METER Environment at:www.metergroup.com/environment/

  • Ultra-rugged and durable construction
  • Download data via Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone
  • Plug and play with METER sensors
  • Six sensor ports
  • User-driven data storage on the cloud
  • Low cost
  • Simple setup
  • Powered by six alkaline batteries that last up to two years (1 year with ATMOS 41)
  • Stores 20,000 to 30,000+ records depending on configuration
  • Best for researchers who have no cell coverage or don't need continuous data visualization (See the ZL6 for viewing data on the go)

ZL6 Manual
Size: 2.0 MB (2,065,247 bytes)

ZL6 Basic Quic-start Guide
Size: 1.0 MB (1,092,721 bytes)

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