Mini Disk Infiltrometer

Water movement in soil is spatially variable.  The Mini Disk Infiltrometer is a qiuck way to test unsaturated hydraulic conductivity and infiltration rates.


Small, compact, and simple, the Mini Disk Infiltrometer is a true field instrument.  It can be tossed into a backpack with a bottle of water.  Adjustable suction and a porous stainless steel contact plate assure a reliable soil unsaturated hydraulic conductivity measurement.

Quick Setup

Just fill the reservoir, set the suction and start measuring infiltration. You don't
have to pre-saturate the disk.


Both scientists and technicians have used the Mini Disk Infiltrometer to design irrigation systems, demonstrate hydraulic conductivity, evaluate erosion hazard and gauge the impact of forest fires.  It's ideal for irrigation system design, classroom instruction, erosion hazard evaluation, burn severity studies and many other applications.

Hydraulic Conductivity

Download the Excel macro and input soil texture and water level readings vs. elapsed time to get hydraulic conductivity.

Total Length: 32.7 cm
Diameter of Tube: 3.1 cm
Volume of Water Required to Operate: 135 ml
Sintered Stainless Steel Disc: 4.5 cm diameter, 3 mm thick
Length of Water Reservoir: 21.2 cm
Length of Suction Regulation Tube: 10.2 cm
Length of Mariotte Tube: 28 cm
Suction Range: 0.5 to 7 cm of suction

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Infiltrometer Manual
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Mini Disk Infiltrometer Leaflet
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After The Fire - Case Study
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