ES2 Electrical Conductivity and Temperature Sensor

Complete the electrical conductivity picture.

The ES2 Electrical Conductivity Sensor is designed to measure the electrical conductivity of water in a pipe or tank.  When you pair the new ES2 with a TEROS 12 in the soil, you'll begin to develop a complete picture of the salts that are going into your system as well as the salts remaining in your soil or substrate.

Range Electrical Conductivity: 0 to 120 dS/m
Temperature: -40 to 60°C
Resolution Electrical Conductivity: 0.001 dS/m
Temperature: 0.1°C
Accuracy Electrical Conductivity: 0.01 dS/m or ±10 % (whichever is greater)
Temperature: +/-1°C
Operating Temperature
-40 to 60 °C
Power Requirement
3.6 - 15 VDC, 0.03 mA quiescent, 0.5 mA during 300 ms measurement
Length: 10.9 cm (4.30 in)
Width: 2.4 cm (0.95 in)
Thread: 1/2-in National Pipe Thread
1/2 inch NPT thread
Measurement Time
300 ms (milliseconds)
Serial TTL, 3.6 Volts Levels or SDI-12
Connectot Types
3.5 mm (stereo) plug, or stripped & tinned lead wires (3)
Cable Length
5 m standard; custom lengths available upon request
Data Logger Compatibity
(not exclusive)
METER: ZL6 & ProCheck
Campbell Scientific: Any logger with serial I/O including CR10X, CR23X, any CRBasic type logger
Other:Any data acquisition system capable of 3.6 - 15V excitation, and serial or SDI-12 communication
Handheld Reader Compatibility
ProCheck version: (rev 1.50C+)
Please check your software version
Software Compatibilty
ECH2O Utility (rev 1.65+), DataTrac3 (rev 3.6+)
Screw-on protective cap for ES-2 use in tanks

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  • Continuous EC measurements in a pipe or tank
  • Direct measurements of pore water EC when used in conjunction with the Wetting Front Fullstop
  • Check your EC values anywhere with an internet connection

ES-2 Sensor Manual
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METER Soil Lab
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