HYPROP Accessories

Extra Sample Rings

250 mL Stainless Steel Sampling Ring for collecting additional samples for the Hyprop, includes 2 caps. Also available are handy transport cases to protect your samples during transit.

Sample Rings

Hammering Holder for Sample Rings

For use in collecting intact soil cores to be used with the Hyprop.  Hamerring holder for 250 mL sampling rings, length 300 mm, handle with hand protection.

UMS Hammer Head

HYPROP Extension Kit

Use an extension kit to run more than one soil sample at once. Run up to 10 extensions on a single Hyprop.

HYPROP Extension Set

HYPROP Vacuum Refilling System

The HYPROP-refilling unit makes the refilling process more reliable and easy. With this device HYPROP sensor units and HYPROP-tensiometer shafts are conveniently connected to vacuum supplied by an external vacuum pump.  Simply screw the HYPROP-tensiometer shafts to one of the 4 adapters and remove them easily when they are entirely degassed and filled.

HYPROP Refil Unit

- The station is extendable

- Easy connection of sensor unit and shafts

- Separate vacuum pump

- Robust set-up

- Storage beaker for each cup

- Unlimited extendibility

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