Water movement in soil is spatially variable.  The Mini Disk Infiltrometer is a qiuck way to test unsaturated hydraulic conductivity and infiltration rates.

The DualHead Infiltrometer measures soil saturated hydraulic conductivity, or Kfs. It is fully automated and requires no post-processing of data.

The Drain Gauge provides accurate measurements of deep drainage and and contaminant fluxes at a low cost.


METER Soil Lab
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Mini Disk Infiltrometer

Small, compact, and simple, the Mini Disk Infiltrometer is a true field instrument.  It can be tossed into a backpack with a bottle of water

SATURO Dual-head Infiltrometer

The Dual Head Infiltrometer measures (Kfs ), the ability of a porous medium to transmit water under saturated or near saturated conditions

PARIO Particle Size Analyzer

The new PARIO soil texture analyzer, reducing operation time to particle size

Drain Gauge

The Drain Gauge G3 features a sealed design allowing it to work in both saturated and unsaturated conditions

Drain Gauge Accessories

Add a Depth Sensor or Auto Pump to your Drain Gauge

KSAT Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity

The KSAT measures the saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ksat) of soil samples


HYPROP determines unsaturated hydraulic conductivity values for the soil sample

HYPROP Accessories

Add an automatic refilling system, another HYPROP head or extra sample rings

HYPROP Software

Data logging and evaluation software

WP4C Dewpoint Potentiameter

Measure the water potential of any porous material

TEROS 21 Soil Water Potential Sensor

Water Potential Sensor

Vapour Sorption Analyser

Produce soil water characteristic curves in 24 to 48 hours