Rain, wind, temperature and humidity, leaf wetness, solar radiation and PAR, electrical conductivity and depth, whatever you need to measure we have a sensor for you.

METER produce accurate, long life sensors for in the field monitoring of environmental conditions.




METER Climate monitoring
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ECRN50 Low-Resolution Rain Gauge

Low-resolution rain gauge

ECRN100 High Resolution Rain Gauge

High resolution rain gauge

PYR Total Solar Radiation

Waterproof solar radiation sensor

Quantum PAR Sensor

Measures photosynthetically active radiation

ATMOS 22 Sonic Anemometer

Highly accurate Anemmometer even at low wind speed

PHYTOS 31 Leaf Wetness Sensor

Detects wetness and ice formation

RT 1 Soil Temperature Sensor

Rugged waterproof and accurate soil temperature sensor

ECT Air Temperature Sensor

Simple accurate air temperature sensor

ATMOS 14 Humidity/Temp, Vapour & Barometric Pressure Sensor

Use the rugged VP-3 sensor with soil moisture probes in microclimate and evapotranspiration studies

PS 1 Irrigation Switch Sensor

Irrigation switch On/Off sensor

HYDROS 21 Conductivity Temperature & Depth Sensor

Measures Conductivity, Temperature and Depth

ES2 Electrical Conductivity and Temperature Sensor

Measure the conductivity and temperature in a pipe or a tank