TEROS Borehole Installation Tool

What's your time worth?

If you want accurate soil moisture, everything comes down to installation. If installation is poor, it doesn't matter how good the calibration is, your data will be bad. In addition, digging trenches and reaching down boreholes to try and eliminate air gaps take an incredible amount of a researcher's time and effort. That's why we created the TEROS Borehole Installation Tool.

Accuracy has never been easier

The TEROS Borehole Installation Tool was specifically engineered for faster and more accurate water content sensor installation. Since only a small (4-inch diameter) hand-augered hole is needed instead of a large trench, you can perform a deeper down-hole installation (up to 1.8 meters) with little site disturbance and far less effort. In addition, the new TEROS Borehole Installation Tool turns a few TEROS soil moisture sensors into the ultimate profile probe. Use it for incredibly fast, consistent installation into undisturbed soil, at depths you choose.

Less wiggle room for error

Water content measurement is only as good as soil to sensor contact. The TEROS Borehole Installation Tool was engineered to ensure accurate installation by eliminating air gaps and preferential flow. Because it uses mechanical leverage vs. hand application, sensors are applied straight in and perpendicular with uniform pressure (even through hard clay soils) and then gently released, resulting in clean, consistent installations. To reduce error even more, we included a plate guide that allows you to set the precise placement depth you want. With the TEROS  Borehole Installation Tool, you can not only get a greater quantity of measurements, but also be confident that each sensor has been installed correctly.

Smaller holes = less headaches

Like with all of our instruments, greater accuracy comes with less effort on your part. Since the TEROS Borehole Installation Tool can install sensors at borehole depths farther than the arm can reach, the entire process only takes about 30 minutes (vs. the two hours it takes to dig an equally deep trench). It's also equipped with a flashlight so you can not only see down holes, but also make sure you get good insertions. All of which adds up to substantial time savings and less hassle.

Smarter water content sensor installation

Intensive field installations are now a thing of the past thanks to the TEROS Borehole Installation Tool's fast, simple, and accurate insertion method. Custom manufactured by hand, this ultra-rugged instrument was engineered to provide easier, faster and better sensor installation at greater depths, making installation something you can look forward to rather than dread.

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TEROS Borehole Installation Tool
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