ZL6 Data-logger

Max your paper output

In the research world, success or failure hinges upon using data analysis to arrive at the right conclusion. Unfortunately, most data loggers force you to spend more time collecting data than actually analyzing it. With the advent of big data, you can't afford to be constantly fussing with complex programming, installation headaches, data downloads, data gaps or maintenance. You need a data logger that puts near-real-time data at your fingertips-whenever, wherever and however you want it-so you can maximize your paper output. Welcome to the new ZL6 universe.

The ZL6 breaks new barriers, so you can too

With the ZL6 data logger, there are no limits. That's because we've reinvented the entire METER data logging system so the ZL6 can be your ultimate research partner. Easier, more advanced and more robust, the ZL6 introduces cloud-based data delivery, Bluetooth® configuration, GPS, firmware-over-the-air updates and integrated metadata, all which simplify and speed up the process of data collection, management and sharing. It does all the legwork for you, so you can spend more time being a data visionary.

It won't make you omniscient, but it feels close

The ZL6 uses ZENTRA Cloud to deliver near-real-time data wherever and whenever you need it. This means your grad students can spend less time downloading data in the field, and more time generating research papers. Accessing data on ZENTRA Cloud speeds up your analysis by enabling you to correlate event factors, see important trends or discover problems almost instantly, from the comfort of your own desk. And if there's no cell service at your site, you can still download your data via USB.

Plus, data are now incredibly easy to distribute and share. Simply enter an email, and send an invitation. Your collaborators can instantly see what you see. The ZL6 and ZENTRA Cloud allow you and others to review data the way you want, whether it's in map format, short graphs, a list or downloading to data-analysis packages.

Good at everything, so you don't have to be

With the ZL6, you no longer have to be a specialist in every discipline. Using the ZL6 is like having a meteorologist, a soil physicist, and more at your disposal, allowing you more time to focus on your specialty. How? The ZL6 connects up to six different types of METER sensors, so you can monitor different parameters, such as weather, soil moisture, and soil water potential, all at the same time, giving you deeper insight. We've also integrated barometric pressure to eliminate the need to install extra sensors. And because everything is plug and play, you don't have to be an expert at wiring or programming.

Uncomplicated. Almost unbreakable. And unbelievable.

We engineered the ZL6 to be extremely robust and low maintenance, so you can almost forget about your data logger completely. The ZL6's integrated solar charging panel means there's hardly any power maintenance required. An IP56-rated enclosure designed for shedding rain makes sure water doesn't get in. More secure cable handling ensures sensor cables don't get yanked out. A hidden antenna limits breakage. And we've added fully round clasps and hinges that won't break.

Plus, the ZL6 requires little setup. It self-recognizes what's plugged into each port (as long as they're digital sensors), and the new ZENTRA app uses Bluetooth to configure digital sensors on any device, so you can bring a cell phone to the field instead of a heavy laptop. You can even configure the sensors from your office using ZENTRA Cloud. We also added GPS, so it automatically keeps track of where data are collected. New firmware-over-the-air capability means ZENTRA Cloud updates ZL6 firmware automatically, with no effort from you.

Input ports
6 (supports METER analog, digital, or pulse sensors)
Port type 3.5 mm stereo plug connector
Logging interval 5 minutes to 12 hours
Reporting interval Hourly with additional charges for more frequent reporting
Data storage 8 MB (40,000 to 80,000+ records, depending on configuration)
Memory type Non-volatile flash, full data retention with loss of power
Global position Integrated 56-channel GPS/QZSS receiver
Cellular specifications UMTS 3G 5-band cellular module with 2G fallback
Cellular coverage T&T® and T-Mobile® in USA, 200+ global partner carriers. Cellular and data hosting service provided by METER
Battery life
3+ Years with an unobstucted view of the sun
PC communication Standard USB cable, USB A to micro-B
Enclosure dimensions 14.9 cm × 25 cm × 6.3 cm (5.9 in × 9.9 in × 2.5 in)

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Labcell Limited exclusively supply and support METER products in the UK & Ireland.

Non UK/Ireland Customers, please contact METER Environment at:www.metergroup.com/environment/

ZL6 Side


  • Ultra-rugged and durable construction
  • Configure via Bluetooth with the ZENTRA Utility app


  • Plug and play with METER sensors
  • Six sensor ports
  • Works with ZENTRA Cloud to enable near real-time data viewing anywhere with an internet connection (data can also be downloaded via USB)
  • Integrated GPS and barometric pressure measurement
  • Simple setup
  • Firmware-over-the-air updates
  • Built-in solar panel for extended deployments
  • Rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries
  • Stores 40,000 to 80,000+ records, depending on sensor configuration
  • Best for viewing data on the go
  • See signal strength and connection quality in real time: test connectivity at your site BEFORE installation
  • Transmitted data is backed up in the data logger memory to give you extra data protection

ZL6 Manual
Size: 2.0 MB (2,065,247 bytes)

ZL6 Quick-start
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METER Soil Moisture
Size: 638.5 KB (653,862 bytes)

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