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Aqualab Water Activity Meter

The Aqualab range of products for water activity testing include:

Aqualab Series 4TE

Aqualab Series 4TEV

Aqualab TDL

Aqualab 3

Aqualab Pre

Accessories include: Thermal Equilibration Tray, Sample Cups and Lids, Calibration Verification Solutions, Transit Case, Netbook pc (Series 4 range).

All Aqualabs are:

HACCP, ISO9000 and GMP compliant.

AOAC approved method.

ISO9001 compliant supply.


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Product Briefing Video

Gain an overview of the Aqualab 4TE with the following Video...

The effect of Water Activity on Shelf Life
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Water Activity Tools Booklet
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Aqualab Series 4TE

Laboratory Grade Water Activity Monitor

Aqualab TDL

Aqualab with Tunable Diode Laser Sensor

Aqualab Pre

Benchtop Water Activity Monitor at an affordable Price