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Aqualab Consumables

Sample Cups

15 ml disposable sample cups with airtight lids. Used in the Aqualab Series 4 (4TE, 4TEV, 4 DUO), Series 3 (all versions), Pawkit, Aqualab Lite, TDL and Vapour Sorption Analyser.

Available in various quantites from 100 units upwards, with or without lids.

Verification Standards

Pre-mixed, certified salt solutions for daily AquaLab performance verifications. Select standards which cover the range of water activities you typically measure. To ensure precise concentration and accurate water activity, use a fresh solution each day. Unopened vials have a one year shelf life.

There are 5 levels of standards available for use in the instruments:

0.250 aw 0.500 aw 0.760 aw 0.920 aw and 0.984 aw

Each box contains 50 vials and is supplied with Certificate of Analysis.

Safety Data Sheets can be downloaded directly here.

Aqualab Cleaning Kit

Included in the cleaning kit is: (our estimate of 1 year supply)

Cut Kimwipes 1" wide strips- 280 sheets

Full Kimwipe sheets 4.5" x 8.4- 280 sheets

3 bottles cleaning solution

3 bottles distilled water

4 Activated Charcoal

1 cleaning video

4 cleaning swab

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Aqualab Cleaning Kit

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