Food & Pharmaceuticals

Water Activity Product Selection Chart

Compare the features and specifications of the PawkitAquaLab Pre, AquaLab  Series 4TE / Aqualab Series 4TEV and the Aqualab TDL.

Feature Specification Pawkit Pre Series-4TE / Series-4TEV TDL
Measurement range aw 0.030 to 1.000 No No Yes Yes
Measurement range aw 0.05 to 1.00 Yes Yes No No
Resolution +/-0.001 No No Yes Yes
Resolution +/-0.01 Yes Yes No No
Accuracy +/-0.003 No No Yes Yes
Accuracy +/-0.02 Yes Yes No No
Sample Time < 5 minutes
No Yes Yes Yes
Sample Time 5 minutes Yes Yes No No
Sample Size Up to 8ml Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sample Type Powder, Liquid or Solid Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sample Temperature Control 15 to 50°C +/- 0.5°C No Pre-Set 25°C Yes Yes
Sample Temperature Control Room Temperature
(15°C to 40°C)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Output USB No Yes Yes Yes
Input Mains 110/240V AC No Yes Yes Yes
Input Battery power
(3 year life)
Yes No No No

Water Activity Explained.

Water Activity or ERH(Equilibrated Relative Humidty) is a measure of the free water in a product, water which is not bound into the product in any way and which is available for the growth of moulds and the proliferation of bacteria. Water Activity can have an influence on a products shelf life, odour, colour, flavour or texture. The monitoring of Water Activity for production line and Quality Assurance purposes, its accurate measurement for research and development or product examination has become an important parameter in food and pharmaceutical laboratories.