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Aqualab Water Activity Meter

Water Activity, aW or ERH (Equilibrated Relative Humidity) is a measure of the free water in a product, water which is not bound into the product in any way and which is available for the growth of moulds and the proliferation of bacteria. Water Activity can have an influence on a products shelf life, odour, colour, flavour or texture.

The monitoring of Water Activity for production line and Quality Assurance purposes, its accurate measurement for research and development or product examination has become an important parameter in food and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Water activity testing can now be performed quickly and reliably thanks to the Aqualab range of instruments.


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Service and Calibration

Annual calibration of your Aqualab increases its accuracy and reliability.

The effect of Water Activity on Shelf Life
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Aqualab Series 4TE

Laboratory Grade Water Activity Monitor

Aqualab TDL

Aqualab with Tunable Diode Laser Sensor

Aqualab Pre

Benchtop Water Activity Monitor at an affordable Price


Portable Water Acivity Monitor

Service & Calibration

An annual factory calibration certifies that your Aqualab is performing within specifications

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Temperature Tray, Printer, Travel Case, AquaLink Software and FREE Water Activity Chart

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