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Salt Meters

Digital Salt Meters for measuring salt concentrations in food.

These Salt Meters are compact, rugged accurate and reliable, all models are IP65 dust-tight and protected against water jets.

Easy to use, simply place the sample in the measurement sensor press start, wait 3 seconds and the salt percentage of the sample is indicated on a digital display.

Salt meters are widely used for measuring salt concentrations at restaurants and school cafeterias, as well as for the nourishment guidance in hospitals, and as teaching material at schools we have models that are also suitable for inspections carried during the manufacturing process as well as for quality control at food factories.

In the food industry the measurement can bring product standardisation, precise mixing proportions, quality and research and development information.

The PAL range from Atago offers portable refractometry covering the Brix range of 0.00 to 93.0%. Simple to use these refractometers give a fast reading and respond directly on a digital display. Instruments are offered with indication in Brix%.

Brix range

Brix PAL-1 PAL-2 PAL-3
From 0.0 % 45.0 % 0.0 %
To 53.0 % 93.0 % 93.0 %

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Established in 1940, ATAGO has continuously made strides in the research and development of a wide variety of optoelectronic products, mainly refractometers. ATAGO products are used in a variety of industries; from food and beverage processing, to petrochemicals and metalworking. ATAGO has established their reputation as a trusted brand and enjoys the fullest confidence of end-users not only in Japan but also in 154 countries worldwide.


Portable refractometry covering the Brix range of 0.0 to 53.0%


Portable refractometry covering the Brix range of 45.0 to 93.0%


Portable refractometry covering the Brix range of 0.0 to 93.0%

Digital Salt Meter ES-421

Designed specifically for salt content measurement up to a level of 10%