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Digital Refractometers

Refractometry is a measure of the percentage of soluble solids content in a sample. This is the total of all the dissolved solids including sugars and salts. Utilised to measure the sugar concentration of fruit the refractometers can give harvest and quality information.

In the food industry the measurement can bring product standardisation, precise mixing proportions, quality and research and development information.

Some refractometers have been designed for specific applications such as the amount of moisture in Honey, percentage of salt, or the concentration of grape must for wine producers.

Labcell markets a wide range of refractometry products, if you have a specific requirement that is not covered by the products on our website please ask us!


Portable refractometry covering the Brix range of 0.0 to 53.0%


Portable refractometry covering the Brix range of 45.0 to 93.0%


Portable refractometry covering the Brix range of 0.0 to 93.0%

Digital Salt Meter ES-421

Designed specifically for salt content measurement up to a level of 10%

Honey Refractometer PAL-22S

Measures the % water content of a Honey sample easily and quickly

Pen Pro Refractometer

The Pen Pro offers Brix measurements quickly and easily thanks to its insertion design

OPTi Brix/Saline

Dual scales of Brix (0-54) and Saline (0-28) makes this a versatile meter