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Aqualink 4 Software Package

The AquaLink database and graphing program makes water activity data safer, more accessible, and more useful.

  • No more transcription errors. By taking the measurement straight from the instrument to the database, AquaLink eliminates recording mistakes.
  • Record complete details. Use AquaLink to connect your instrument to a computer and record batch, lot, and shift numbers right along with the water activity data. Temperature, date, time, and user will automatically be recorded. You can add as many other data columns as you like to make sure your records are complete.
  • Safer data. Months or years of paper data can be destroyed by a single cup of coffee. AquaLink lets you store, back up, and print your data.
  • Quick visual insights. AquaLink graphs data sets quickly and easily. Click on a column, select a filter, and instantly see active data in a table or graph.
  • Investigate trends. Is the instrument in spec? How are your products performing? Are things changing over time? AquaLink is a quick, easy way to explore trends and investigate problems.
  • Share the information. You can keep your data private or set up networked database files so other decision makers can take a look at the data. AquaLink includes a site license for other computers at your location.
  • Export to Excel. Send your data to other database programs for further analysis using AquaLink's export function.

AquaLink 4 is now available free of charge


Temperature Equilibration Plate

Reduce reading time by pre-equlibrating the sample to instrument temperature on the temperature equilibration plate. The equilibration plate holds samples at any preset temperature between -10 and 100 ยบ C.

Printer for Series 4

Print data straight from Aqualab in real time with this mains/battery 24 column impact printer.

Travel Case

Protect your Aqualab during transport. Airtight/watertight seal with extra thick wall construction. The series specific foam cutouts allow for a perfect fit. Specify series and model numbers when ordering.

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