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F2 Portable pH Meter

Ergonomic Design - Comfortable Handling

Thanks to its ergonomic design, working with the FiveGo portable is a comfortable experience for both big and small hands. The foldable foot stand provides optimal viewing while situated on a lab bench.

Waterproof - Ideal for Wet Conditions

The IP67 waterproof protection enables the FiveGo to withstand wet and demanding environments. With the compact carrying case FiveGo is the ideal partner for any outdoor measurement.

General description

Ideally suited for mobile applications in the laboratory, at-line or outdoors, the FiveGo portable provides high quality pH/mV, conductivity or dissolved oxygen measurements with the simple click of a button. The robust and waterproof design makes the FiveGo portable the perfect companion to get reliable measurement data even in harsh conditions, all at a reasonable price.

pH-range 0-14 pH
pH-resolution 0.01
pH-relative accuracy ± 0.01
Calibration Points
Pre-defined Buffer Groups
Temperature range °C 0 -100 °C
Temperature resolution °C 0.1 °C
Temperature accuracy °C ± 0.5 °C
Display 3.1" LCD
188 × 77 × 33 mm

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Measurement Made Easy

Featuring a large well-structured display for easy viewing, this instuments intuitive button arrangement and simple menu ensure that measurements can be perfomed in just a few clicks.

F2 Portable pH Meter Display

Quotation Request

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