Soil Moisture Sensors

Soil moisture content is highly variable. Accuracy from a single site isn't enough to run an experiment. To make good soil water content measurements, you need research quality soil moisture probes and you need a lot of them.

Our soil moisture sensors are research grade probes at a price that lets you completely characterise your site.

Plug-and-log with the Em50 and Em60 line of data loggers or integrate into other logger systems (including Campbell Scientific).

Analogue Digital
EC-5 10HS GS1 5TE 5TM GS3 MPS-6
VWC, temperature, electrical conductivity VWC, temperature
VWC, temperature, electrical conductivity Water potential, temperature
0.3 L 1 L 0.3 L 0.3 L 0.3 L 0.3 L N/A
0-100% VWC 0-53% VWC 0-100% VWC
0-100% VWC -40-50°C 0-23 dS/m 0-100% VWC
0-100% VWC -40-50°C 0-23 dS/m -9 to -100,000 kPa
-40° to 60°C


Soil Sensors 2

Soil Sensors Quick Start Guide
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EC-5 Soil Moisture Sensor

Low cost sensor for large networks

10HS Soil Moisture Sensor

Soil Moisture Sensor with large volume of influence

5TM Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor

Add temperature to your soil moisture data

5TE Soil Moisture, Temperature and EC Sensor

Monitor salinity in addition to water content and temperature in soil

GS1 Soil Moisture Sensor

Rugged Soil Moisture Sensor

GS3 Soil Moisture, Temperature and EC Sensor.

Rugged Soil Moisture, Temperature & Salinity Sensor

MAS-1 Soil Moisture Sensor.

Used mainly with PLCs and irrigation controllers