Rain, wind, temperature and humidity, leaf wetness, solar radiation and PAR, electrical conductivity and depth, whatever you need to measure we have a sensor for you.

METER produce accurate, long life sensors for in the field monitoring of environmental conditions.




ECRN-50 Low-Resolution Rain Gauge

Low-resolution rain gauge

ECRN-100 High Resolution Rain Gauge

High resolution rain gauge

PYR Total Solar Radiation

Waterproof solar radiation sensor

QSO-S PAR Sensor

Measures photosynthetically active radiation

Cup Anemometer

Measures wind direction and speed

ATMOS-22 Sonic Anemometer

Highly accurate Anemmometer even at low wind speed

PHYTOS 31 Leaf Wetness Sensor

Detects wetness and ice formation

RT-1 Soil Temperature Sensor

Rugged waterproof and accurate soil temperature sensor

ECT Air Temperature Sensor

Simple accurate air temperature sensor

ATMOS-14 Humidity/Temp, Vapour & Barometric Pressure Sensor

Use the rugged VP-3 sensor with soil moisture probes in microclimate and evapotranspiration studies

PS-1 Irrigation Switch Sensor

Irrigation switch On/Off sensor

HYDROS-21 Conductivity Temperature & Depth Sensor

Measures Conductivity, Temperature and Depth

ES-2 Electrical Conductivity and Temperature Sensor

Measure the conductivity and temperature in a pipe or a tank