Automotive & Industrial

Automotive & Industrial

AFR Analyser 2400

The 2400 has the added features of Spark Timing, RPM and Manifold Pressure measurements.


Feature Specification
Measurement Range 6 to 150 AFR, 0.4 to 10 Lambda, 0 to 22% O2 plus Spark Timing, Engine Speed and Manifold Pressure
Accuracy +/- 0.6% @ Stoich. +/-0.9% Elsewhere
Response Time Less than 150 ms
Fuel Type Any fuel specified by H:C , O:C or N:C Ratios & H2
Analogue Outputs 4 x 0-5V Linearised (User-programmable)
Digital Output RS-232 (PC Software Included)
Recording Yes
Power DC &/Or Mains: 100 to 250 VAC (Cable Supplied)
Sensors Included 1 x UEGO Sensor, 1 x Spark Pickup, 1 x RPM Sensor & 1 x Static Pressure
Supplied AFR Meter, Wiring Harness, All Sensors, Boss & Bung, Mains Cable and Operating Manual

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