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Aqualab 3

Speed and accuracy get smart

The AQUALAB 3 is a smart, connected water activity meter that pairs the speed and accuracy of AQUALAB chilled mirror dew point technology with SKALA's data power. This makes it possible not only to get your final testing numbers quickly, but now you can also manage compliance details for auditors, optimize your moisture margin and monitor your process in real time to make consistently great product for your customers.

Speed is everything

When it comes to water activity measurement, speed is everything. The new AQUALAB 3 is blazingly fast without sacrificing accuracy. Using the primary dew point sensor method, the AQUALAB 3 delivers an actual water activity reading-not a "quick" or estimated value-with an average read time of 3 minutes. With this kind of speed, users can use water activity to control their process, calibrate inline NIR, release product more quickly and run up to 10x more samples through their labs when compared with traditional resistive electrolytic and capacitance polymer sensors.

Powerful connections

The AQUALAB 3 is the first benchtop water activity meter with no screen. It opens up a world of possibilities by connecting the AQUALAB 3 to the devices where people get work done-iPads, computers even mobile phones.

What the SKALA-connected AQUALAB 3 delivers for your lab:

Automated data collection. No writing, no typing, no data entry. Each piece of data is automatically tagged with technician name, date, time, instrument serial number and more

Audit-ready readings. Fully documented, audit-ready testing records (Conforms to CFR 21 Part 11; SQF and BRC compliant)

Instant visual pass/fail feedback. Reading is tagged to a specific product and checked against specifications visual alerts for pass, outside control limits and fail

CofAs in 30 seconds or less. Certificates of analysis generated directly from the documented instrument reading. Just 2 clicks.

Dump downtime

The AQUALAB 3 water activity meter is designed with layers of reliability. It monitors itself and notifies METER support when something doesn't look right.

And the AQUALAB 3's measurement electronics are contained in a swappable factory-calibrated aluminum block. No loaners and no downtime, because the instrument never leaves your bench.

Measurement Range Water Activity 0.030 to 1.000
Resolution +/- 0.001
Accuracy +/- 0.005
Sample Time Approx 5 Mins
Sample Size Up to 15 ml
Sample Type Powder, Liquid or Solid
Sample Temperature Control 15°C to 35 °C
Input Mains 110/240 VAC
Sensor Type Chilled Mirror Dew Point
Warranty 1 year parts and labour

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AQ3 Drawer

Aqualab 3 Sample


AQUALAB 3 Features

  • Fast: Water activity readings in 5 minutes or less (most samples). Average read time 3 minutes.
  • Accurate: 0.005 aw accuracy
  • Easy to use: precise measurements, minimal training
  • Expandable: connect and manage multiple AQUALAB 3 instruments with one iPad
  • Repeatable: standards based for repeatability across users and locations
  • Connectable: collect data automatically from non-METER instruments

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