Irrigation Monitoring System

Know When to Turn it On

Most irrigation systems rely exclusively on soil moisture sensors. Soil moisture sensors can't tell you how much of the water that's present is actually available to plants. This system uses an MPS-2 matric potential sensor to measure plant available water so you know when to turn the water on.

Know When to Turn it Off

Fast-response soil moisture sensors let you track plant water use in real time and set an accurate full point that minimizes wasted water. You know when you've reached field capacity and should turn the water off.

Monitor Pipe Function

A pressure switch tracks irrigation events by recording when water is turned on and off. You'll know for sure if irrigation is happening as scheduled.

View Real Time Data

DataTrac lets you watch the interaction of all the sensors graphically so you get a "roots-eye view" of your irrigation picture.

Upgrade to the Em50G to add weather data to a wireless network.


MPS-6 Matric Potential Sensor. Goes beyond water content to describe water availability.

2 x 5TE Soil Moisture Sensors. Located within and below the root zone to track water content through the profile.

ECRN-100 High Resolution Rain Gauge. Measures both precipitation and irrigation events.

Em50 Data Logger. Plug in the sensors, set time and measurement intervals, and start logging data. No programming necessary.

Pressure On/Off Switch. Tracks irrigation events by recording when the water goes on and off.

DataTrac 3 Software. Dynamic graphical interface brings data to life.

USB Cable, Batteries, Mounting hardware, Printed and electronic documentation.

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  • Electrical Conductivity (EC)
  • Precipitation
  • Soil Moisture
  • Soil Water Potential
  • Temperature


  • Fertigation Management
  • Irrigation Scheduling

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